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As the company progressively grew, both Tim and Laurie recognized the necessity to acquire additional staff to address the growing demands of Quest7’s customer base. Their children contribute in significant roles along with several other family members and friends.


This established a team of professionals with multiple years of experience and expertise in the industry including customer service, accounting, human resources, engineering, and shipping & receiving. Product application specialists further serve to enhance the team and provide value by conducting personal visits with customers.


Tim and Laurie remain constantly involved in the daily operations of the business. Together this team develops strategic plans that continue to propel Quest7 to new levels of opportunity.


In 2010, Quest7 Manufacturing LLC. was established to broaden our product offerings into converting knives, including male & female slotters and strippers. By embracing a culture of innovation in manufacturing processes and diversity among its team members, Quest7 continues to achieve their ultimate goal to “Seek Perfection” from our own manufacturing facility here in the USA. Quality, service, and fair pricing promote sustained success through customer satisfaction.


As a family oriented business, Quest7 is committed to supply its customers with the highest quality parts at a fair price. The slogan from the very beginning has been “Bringing the Best to You” because that is who we are, and that is what we strive to do.

We are…Quest7.

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